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Subject                            Call No.

  • Urban Agriculture            S494.5 - S64
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Featured e-Book Titles

Here is a list of e-Books related to forestry. You can download the hold of this book by using EzProxy
  • Carbon Sequestration in Urban Ecosystems. Springer, c2012.
  • Insurgent public space: guerrilla urbanism and the remaking of contemporary cities. Routledge, 2010.
  • Understanding soils in urban environments. Publisher: Earthscan, 2010.
  • Contaminated Urban Soils. Springer: Springer Netherlands, 2010
  • African Urban Harvest: Agriculture in the Cities of Cameroon, Kenya and Uganda. Springer New York, 2010.
  • Waste composting for urban and peri-urban agriculture: closing the rural-urban nutrient cycle in sub. CABI, 2001
  • Wastewater use in irrigated agriculture: confronting the livelihood and environmental realities. CABI, 2004
  • Urban aquaculture. CABI, 2005
  • Urban pest management: an environmental perspective. CABI, 2011
  • Agriculture in Urban Planning: Generating Livelihoods and Food Security. EBSCOhost: eBook Collection, 2009
  • African Urban Harvest Agriculture in the Cities of Cameroon, Kenya and Uganda. Springer, 2010
  • Carbon Sequestration in Urban Ecosystems. Springer, 2012
  • Land Subsidence Analysis in Urban Areas: The Bangkok Metropolitan Area Case Study. Springer, 2013
  • Metropolitan sustainability: Understanding and improving the urban environment.


Please enjoy just a few suggested books as seen below. For more books, please search our Web OPAC.

Suggested Books
  • Agriculture in urban planning: generating livelihoods and food security.  S494.5 U72A278
  • Selling street and snack foods.  HF5459 D44F322 no.18
  • Urban agriculture: diverse activities and benefits for city society.  S494.5 U72U72
  • Urban agriculture in Asia: lessons from Japanese experience.  S470 A1E96 no.576
  • Agribusiness and the rural-urban interface.  HD2075.8 M266
  • Agricultural and urban areas.  S589.75 M823
  • Agropolis : the social, political, and environmental dimensions of urban agriculture.  S494.5 U72A281
  • Challenges and various developmental strategies in Korean urban/peri-urban agriculture.  S470 A1E96 no.577
  • Continuous productive urban landscapes: designing urban agriculture for sustainable cities.  S494.5.U72 V54 2005.
  • Feldstudien : zur neuen asthetik urbaner landwirtschaft = Field studies : the new aesthetics of urban agriculture.  SB470.55 G3F312
  • Legal and institutional aspects of urban and peri-urban forestry and greening.  HD1428 F2 no.88
  • Livestock keeping in urban areas : a review of traditional technologies based on literature and field experiences.   SF41 F6 no.151
  • My green city : back to nature with attitude and style.  HT241 M995
  • Recycling of wastewater from pig farms in urban and peri-urban agriculture.  S470 A1E96 no.578
  • Sustainable agricultural entrepreneurship : the urban area as engine for new economic activity : the six guises of the successful
    agricultural entrepreneur illustrated on the basis of nine projects.  HD1415 S964
  • Urban drainage design standards and procedures for Peninsular Malaysia.  TD665 U7
  • Urban harvest : a CGIAR global program on urban and peri-urban agriculture.  S470 A1E96 no.575
  • Waste composting for urban and peri-urban agriculture : closing the rural-urban nutrient cycle in sub-Saharan Africa.  S661 W323
  • Agriculture in urban planning: generating livelihoods and food security.  S494.5 U72A278
  • Integrating food security information in national statistical systems : experiences, achievements, challenges.  HD9018 D44I61
  • Managing plants under stress: a challenge for food security.  LG173 S45S981 no.159
  • Application of modern analytical techniques to ensure seafood safety and authenticity.  SH1 F2 no.455
  • Cost-effective management tools for ensuring food quality and safety / technical coordinators.  TX531 C837
  • Sustainable agricultural entrepreneurship : the urban area as engine for new economic activity : the six guises of the successful
    agricultural entrepreneur illustrated on the basis of nine projects.  HD1415 S964


Please enjoy just a few suggested journal articles as seen below. For more articles, please search our subscribed databases.

Suggested Articles
  • Ashebir, D., Pasquini, M., & Bihon, W. (2007). Urban agriculture in mekelle, tigray state, Ethiopia: Principal characteristics, opportunities and constraints for further research and development. Cities, 24(3), 218-228.
  • Aubry, C., Ramamonjisoa, J., Dabat, M. -., Rakotoarisoa, J., Rakotondraibe, J., & Rabeharisoa, L. (2012). Urban agriculture and land use in cities: An approach with the multi-functionality and sustainability concepts in the case of Antananarivo (Madagascar). Land use Policy, 29(2), 429-439.
  • Bahaman, A. S., Jeffrey, L. S., Hayrol Azril, M. S., & Jegak, U. (2010). Acceptance, attitude and knowledge towards agriculture economic activity between rural and urban youth: The case of contract farming. Journal of Applied Sciences, 10(19), 2310-2315.
  • Indraprahasta, G. S. (2013). The potential of urban agriculture development in Jakarta. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 17(0), 11-19.
  • Islam, R., & Siwar, C. (2012). The analysis of urban agriculture development in malaysia. Advances in Environmental Biology, 6(3), 1068-1078.
  • Kulak, M., Graves, A., & Chatterton, J. (2013). Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with urban agriculture: A life cycle assessment perspective. Landscape and Urban Planning, 111(0), 68-78.
  • Liang, L., Lal, R., Du, Z., Wu, W., & Meng, F. (2013). Estimation of nitrous oxide and methane emission from livestock of urban agriculture in Beijing. 
  • Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 170(0), 28-35.
  • Lynch, K., Binns, T., & Olofin, E. (2001). Urban agriculture under threat: The land security question in Kano, Nigeria. 
  • Materechera, S. A. (2009). Tillage and tractor traffic effects on soil compaction in horticultural fields used for peri-urban agriculture in a semi-arid environment of the North West province, South Africa. Soil and Tillage Research, 103(1), 11-15.
  • Mawois, M., Aubry, C., & Le Bail, M. (2011). Can farmers extend their cultivation areas in urban agriculture? 
  • A contribution from agronomic analysis of market gardening systems around Mahajana (Madagascar). Land use Policy, 28(2), 434-445.
  • Mireri, C., Atekyereza, P., Kyessi, A., & Mushi, N. (2007). Environmental risks of urban agriculture in the lake victoria drainage basin: A case of Kisumu Municipality, Kenya. Habitat International, 31(3–4), 375-386.
  • Ngah, K., Zakaria, Z., Mustaffa, J., & Noordin, N. (2012). Regional development policies practiced in the rural development approach in Malaysia: A case study in Seberang Perai. Asian Social Science, 8(11), 186-192.
  • Page, B. (2002). Urban agriculture in Cameroon: An anti-politics machine in the making? Geoforum, 33(1), 41-54.
  • Razman, M. R., Azlan, A., Jahi, J. M., Arifin, K., Aiyub, K., Awang, Z., & Lukman, Z. M. (2010). Urban sustainability and Malaysian laws on environmental management of chemical substances. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 5(3), 172-176.
  • Shillington, L. J. (2013). Right to food, right to the city: Household urban agriculture, and socionatural metabolism in Managua, Nicaragua. Geoforum, 44(0), 103-111.
  • Taylor, J. R., & Lovell, S. T. (2012). Mapping public and private spaces of urban agriculture in Chicago through the analysis of high-resolution aerial images in google earth. Landscape and Urban Planning, 108(1), 57-70.
  • Thapa, R. B., & Murayama, Y. (2008). Land evaluation for peri-urban agriculture using analytical hierarchical process and geographic information system techniques: A case study of Hanoi. Land use Policy, 25(2), 225-239.
  • Vagneron, I. (2007). Economic appraisal of profitability and sustainability of peri-urban agriculture in Bangkok. Ecological Economics, 61(2–3), 516-529.
  • Zezza, A., & Tasciotti, L. (2010). Urban agriculture, poverty, and food security: Empirical evidence from a sample of developing countries. Food Policy, 35(4), 265-273.

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