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This guide has been designed to provide an overview of resources available for the study and research in Software engineering, Software development, Software design, Software testing, Software quality and etc.

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Search Web OPAC to find books available at Library. Though most our collection is in print format, an increasing number of titles are available in electronic format.

E-Books Subject Call Numbers
  • Wiley E-Book
  • Emerald E-Book
  • Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
  • ScienceDirect eBooks
  • Springer e-Books
  • Woodhead Publishing Online
  • World Scientific

  • Electronic computers, Computer science QA75.5-76.95          
  • Computer software QA76.75-76.765      
  • Computer Engineering TK7885-TK7895


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Related Databases Printed Journals
  • ACM Digital Library
  • ASCE Online Journals
  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers International) Publications
  • Cambridge University Press - Cambridge Journals Online
  • Emerald Management Xtra Plus
  • IEEE Xplore
  • Proquest
  • Science Direct
  • SIAM Journal Online
  • SpringerLink
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Wiley Online Library
  • More...
  • International journal of software engineering and knowledge engineering.
    QA76.758 I61
  • Hardware and software in system engineering. QA76.5 E89 1990
  • Computer aided software engineering.
  • CASE technology.
  • International journal of foundations of computer science.
    QA75.5 I6
  • Malaysian journal of computer science = jurnal sains komputer Malaysia.
    QA75.5 M239
  • International journal of neural systems.
  • Knowledge acquisition tools for expert systems.
  • Software quality journal.
  • Field-programmable custom computing technology: architectures, tools, and applications.

Reference Work

The Reference Collection on the First Floor contains a number of different works from quick references, dictionaries, encyclopedia, atlas, thesaurus and etc.There are also ranges of electronic reference resources which is available on the Internet

  1. A guide to selected computer-based information services. Q223 F56
  2. Computer applications and facilities for science and technology in the Asian and Pacific region.
    QA76 C738 r
  3. Computer programs for the building industry.
    TH437 H984 1984 r
  4. Directory of primary journals in computer science.
    QA76 S8 b
  5. Directory of computerized population databases, service, products and software in the Asian and Pacific Region : a preliminary version.
    Z699.22 D598
  6. European directory of text retrieval software.
    QA76.9 T48E89
  7. Educational software directory: a subject guide to microcomputer software
    LB1028.7 E24 r
  8. Guide to computer-aided engineering software. |
    TA345 G946 r
  9. Internet directories: how to build and manage applications for LDAP, DNS, and other directories.
    TK5105.595 G798
  10. Study and research guide in computer science: profiles of universities in the USA.
    QA76.27 T651
  11. Text retrieval: a directory of software.
    QA76.9 T48T355 1990
  12. The specialware directory: a guide to software sources for special education.
    LC4024 S741
  13. European directory of text retrieval software.
    QA76.9 T48E89
  14. European directory of software for libraries and information centres.
    Z678.9 A3W876
  1. Software engineering productivity handbook.
    QA76.758 K44
  2. Software engineering handbook. QA76.758 K44
  3. Handbook of software engineering and knowledge engineering.
    QA76.758 H236
  4. Competitive engineering: a handbook for systems engineering, requirements engineering, and software engineering using Planguage.
    QA76.76 D47G463
  5. Competitive engineering [electronic resource]: a handbook for systems engineering, requirements engineering, and software engineering using Planguage.
    FPSK3 2010 2
  6. A handbook of software and systems engineering: empirical observations, laws, and theories.
    QA76.758 E56
  7. Handbook of research on software engineering and productivity technologies: implications of globalization.
    QA76.758 H236
  8. Methodologies and software engineering for agent systems: the agent-oriented software engineering handbook.
    QA76.758 M592
  9. Digital avionics handbook: avionics: elements, software, and functions. TL695 A958 2007
  10. Hypertext/hypermedia handbook. QA76.76 H94H998
  11. Computing handbook.
    QA76 C738 2014
Directionaries Encyclopedias
  1. A dictionary of computers.
    QA76.15 C46 r
  2. A dictionary of computing.
    QA76.15 D554 2004
  3. A dictionary of information technology and computer science. HC79 I55G977
  4. Computer dictionary and handbook.
    QA76.15.S512 1972
  5. Computer dictionary.
    QA76.15 S5 1980 r
  6. Computer professional's dictionary.
    QA76.15 W975
  7. Data & computer security: dictionary of standards, concepts, and terms.
    QA76.9 A25L856 r
  8. Data and computer communications: terms, definitions, and abbreviations.
    TK5102 H474
  9. Dictionary of computer graphics.
    T385 V767
  10. Dictionary of computer science, engineering, and technology. QA76.15 D554
  11. Dictionary of computer words.
    QA76.15 D554
  12. Dictionary of IT terms.
    QA76.15 S721
  13. Dictionary of multimedia and internet applications: a guide for developers and users.
    TK5105.875 I57B751
  14. Elsevier's dictionary of computers, automatic control and data processing in six languages: English/American - French - Spanish - Italian - Dutch and German.
    TJ212.5 E49 1971 r
  15. International dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms of electronics, electrical engineering, computer technology, and information processing.
    TK9 W476
  16. Jargon: an informal dictionary of computer terms.
    QA76.15 W726
  17. McGraw-Hill data communications dictionary: definitions and descriptions of general and SNA terms, recommendations, standards, interchange codes, IBM communications products, and units of measure.
    TK5105 P871
  18. McGraw-Hill dictionary of computing and communications. QA76.15 D554
  19. McGraw-Hill dictionary of electrical and computer engineering. TK7885 A2M147
  20. McGraw-Hill dictionary of electronics and computer technology.
    TK7804 M147 r
  21. Microsoft computer dictionary.
    QA76.5 M626 2002
  22. The international dictionary of data communications.
    TK5102 S132
  23. The Macintosh dictionary.
    QA76.8 M3B163
  24. The new IEEE standard dictionary of electrical and electronics terms (including abstracts of all current IEEE standards).
    TK9 I59 1993
  25. Webster's new world computer dictionary.
    QA76.15 P523 2003
  1. Encyclopedia of software engineering. QA76.758 E56 1994
  2. Encyclopedia of software engineering.
  3. Encyclopedia of computer science and technology.
    QA76.15 E56
  4. Encyclopedia of computer science. QA76.15 E48
  5. Wiley encyclopedia of computer science and engineering.
    QA76.15 W676
  6. Encyclopedia of microcomputers. QA76.15 E56
  7. Encyclopedia of computer science and technology.
    QA76.5 E56
  8. The computer desktop encyclopedia. QA76.15 F853 1999 (095001343)
  9. Macmillan encyclopedia of computers. QA76.15 M167
  10. Encyclopedia of database technologies and applications.
    QA76.9 D3E56
  11. Encyclopedia of software engineering. QA76.758 E56 2011
Internet Sources
  1. Computer Desktop Encyclopedia
  2. Computer Dictionary
  3. Computer Dictionary Online
  4. Computer Science Directory
  5. Computer terms, dictionary, and glossary
  6. Engineering Dictionary
  7. Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
  8. SEVOCAB: Software and Systems Engineering Vocabulary
  9. The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
  10. The Software Engineer's Online Handbook
  11. Webopedia: Online Tech Dictionary for IT Professionals





































This is a list of the notable photography related organizations.

Malaysia International

IEEE Computer Society Malaysia

  1. Malaysian Society for Engineering & Technology (MySET)
  2. Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi (MOSTI)
  3. Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)
  1. IAENG Society of Software Engineering
  2. Association for Computing Machinery
  3. IEEE Computer Society
  4. USENIX Association
  5. British Computer Society
  6. International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology
  7. Engineering Council (UK)
  8. National Society of Professional Engineers (US)
  9. Open Source Software Engineering Tools
  10. Requirements Engineering Specialist Group
  11. National Society of Professional Engineers CORBA







Open Access

nuscripts in different styles

  1. Journal of Computer and Science Technology
  2. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (JESTEC)
  3. Computer Science and Information Systems
  4. Journal of Networks
  5. Scalable Computing
  6. Journal of Software
  7. E-Informatica Software Engineering Journal
  8. Computer Software – JSSST Journal
  9. Journal of Universal Computer Science
  10. Journal of Computing Science and Engineering (JCSE)



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