Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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This guide has been designed to provide an overview of resources available for the study and research into Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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Search Web OPAC to find books available at Library. Though most our collection is in print format, an increasing number of titles are available in electronic format.

E-Books Subject Call Numbers     

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The call number listed below is based on general Library of Congress subject classifications. These numbers are provided primarily as a browsing tool. This lists is presented as a quick guide to selected subject and call number ranges, and not a comprehensive research tool.

Subject                                                                                       Call No.

  • Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear Engineering.      TK1-9971
  • Electrical Apparatus, Electric Circuits, Electric Networks     TK452 -454.4
  • Production of Electric Energy or Power, Powerplants               TK1001-1084
  • Distribution and Applications of Electric Power                        TK3001-4102
  • Electric Lighting, electric Heating                                            TK4125-4661
  • Electronics                                                                                   TK7800-8360
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This page indentifies the journal indexes most relevant to Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and provides links to the Library's e-journals page, and how to obtain journal articles.

Related Databases Printed Journals

Use online databases to find journal articles about a subject. Below is a list of databases which are most often used in Electrical and Electronic Engineering :

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Journals are important sources of information for subject research. Below is list of journals often used in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

  • Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering    TK1-9971
  • Electric Apparatus, Electric Circuits, Electric Networks    TK452 - 454.4
  • Production of Electric Energy or Power, Power plants          TK1001 - 1084
  • Distribution and Applications of Electric Power                    TK3001 - 4102
  • Electric Lighting, Electric Heating                                         TK4125 - 4661
  • Electronics                                                                               TK7800 - 8360

Other journals subscribed by library can be search via WebOPAC to identify location and holdings.

E-Journals Getting articles from elsewhere

Find e-journals available to the library by title or subject.

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Reference Works

The Reference Collection on the First Floor contains a number of different works from quick references, dictionaries, encyclopedia, atlas, thesaurus and etc.There are also ranges of electronic reference resources which is available on the Internet

Statistical Sources
  • Data Statistics from Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry Malaysia

  • Buku Perangkaan Agro-Makanan Malaysia  HD9016 M3 M236 (2009 – 2010)

  • Buku Perangkaan Pertanian Malaysia  HD2080.6 A3 B932 (1980 – 2008)

  • Statistical analyses of experimental data [slides]
    S540 S7S797 (088000327) - Main - Audio Visuals

  • Statistical analysis of geographic information with ArcView GIS and ArcGIS 
    G70.212 W872 2005 (095003584) - Main - Audio Visuals

Handbooks Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  • Asian sources electronics (TK7800 A832)
  • Electronics & wireless world (TK5101 A1W5)
  • Electronics world. (TK5101 A1W5)
  • Electronics world & wireless world (TK5101 A1W5)
  • IEEE journal of quantum electronics (TK7800 I59)
  • IEEE microwave and guided wave letters.  (TK7876 I59)
  • IEEE transactions on acoustics, speech, and signal processing (TK5981 I59)
  • IEEE transactions on circuits and systems   (TK3226 I59)
  • IEEE transactions on components, hybrids and manufacturing technology (TK7869 I59)
  • IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (TK7800 I6)
  • IEEE transactions on magnetic (TK454.4 M3I59)
  • IEEE transactions on microwave theory & techniques (TK7876 I5)
  • IEEE transactions on power electronics (TK7881.15 I59)
  • IEEE transactions on signal processing (TK5981 I59)
  • Journal of materials science (TK7871 J86)
  • Materials science in semiconductor processing (TK7871.85 M425)
  • Solid-state electronics (TK7800 S6)
  • Dictionary of agribusiness management / L.L. Somani.  HD1410 S693
  • Dictionary of agriculture / K.P. Srivastava.
    S411 S774 2007
  • Dictionary of plant breeding / Rolf H.J. Schlegel.
    SB123 S339 2010
    Dictionary of entomology / Himanshu Arora ; edited by Richa Arora.  QL462.3 A769
  • Encyclopedia of animal science / edited by Wilson G. Pond and Alan W. Bell.  SF61 E56

  • Encyclopedia of soil science / edited by Ward Chesworth.  S592 E56

  • Encyclopedia of entomology / edited by John L. Capinera.  QL462.3 E56 2008

  • An encyclopedia of small fruit / Bob Gough.
    SB354.4 G69

Internet Sources

Cite your sources

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  • Acknowledge the source of direct quotations
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  • Your ideas will be supported with fact
  • To acknowledge the source of paraphrased information that the reader may question or may want to pursue further    

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APA Sytle Guide Refworks
  • Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.)  BF76.7 P976 2001

  •  APA Style  

From the American Psychological Association

From the Purdue Online Writing Lab

From University of Malaya Library (UML)

From Trexler Library, Muhlenberg College

   Refworks allows users to create their own personal bibliography.

Refworks offers:

  • Specialized database management service designed for bibliographic references – web based citation manager
  • Importing of references from various sources
  • Storage and searching of personalized data
  • Formatting of bibliographies AND manuscripts in different styles