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The call number listed below is based on general Library of Congress subject classifications. These numbers are provided primarily as a browsing tool. This lists is presented as a quick guide to selected subject and call number ranges, and not a comprehensive research tool.

  • Bridges –  NA997/ TA418TA775 / TG5TG428
  • Buildings  T145/ TA7TA658 / TH145TH5321 / TH6010 / TK7201
  • Civil engineering GB661/ HT166/ SB472/ T57.6 T145 / TA145TA1145/ TC160/ TH375TH2416/ VG597
  • Coastal engineering GC89GC1085/ TA455/ TC205TC1665
  • Concrete construction – NA4125/ QC809/ SB476/ T355/ TA439TA684/ TC209/ TH1199TH4498/ TK9210
  • Construction HF5001/ NA2590/ T58.5/ TA1TA663/ TH1TH145
  • Construction equipment TA145TA775/ TH900
  • Construction industry HD1375HD9715/ QA37.2/ TA455/ TH145TH1095
  • Earthquake engineering QE537.3 QE539/ TA654.6TA749/ TC542/ TG300
  • Engineering geology GB384GB609.2/ QE26.2QE33/ TA1 TA775/ TC176TC1665/ TD171.9TD898
  • Environmental engineering – GC380/ GE145 GE350/ HC53.2HC79/ HD30.255HD45/ HF5547.2/ HT241/ NA2542.35/ QC495.8QC903/ QD79/ QE33QE599.2/ RA565RA566.22/ T174.7/ TA151 TA170/ TC160TC175/ TD145TD427/ TH146/ TP255TP318/ TS171/ WA30WA670/ QD33/ QH541
  • Geographic information systems G70G170.212 / GA101.2GA116/ GB406GB980GC10.4GC31.3/ GE45GE300/ GF23GF125/ H62/ HC55/ HD30HD108.15/ HD1380/ HF5429.275HF5548.323/ HT153HT166/ HV551.2HV4030/ S539S590/ TA1/ TA710/ TD153 / Q1/ QE299.5
  • Geological mapping GA110 / GB1001.7/ QE36QE601.3/ TA705/ TD878/ TN270TN870
  • Geotechnical engineering  TA705 TA710
  • Geothermal engineering GB1199.8/ T45/ TH7641 / TJ260TJ280.7 / TK1041TK1055
  • Highway engineering HE192.5HE333/ TA715/ TD195 / TE145 TE270 / TG145/ TE5TE200/ TD195
  • Highway planning HE192HE333/ TE145TE153
    Hydraulic engineering GB661.2GB1005/ GC97/ QE571/S623S625/TA153TA710/TC5TC805/TJ840TJ843/TL405/S133
  • Materials science HC55/ TA401.3 TA403/ QA901/ QC21.2QC176/ QD96QD251/ TA401 TA1677/ TK7871/ TP248
  • Pavement TE211TA780
  • Transportation engineering HE152HE333/ T57.85/ TA1TA1230/ TE183/ TF200/ TJ1/ TL240
  • Remote sensing G70G70.6 / GA102.4/ GB21.5GB665/ GC10.4/ GE140/ GF101/ HD108.8/ HE192.5/ HT166/ QA76.88/ QB500.26 QB526/QC70.4QC915.5/ QD96/ QE33.2/ QH541.15/ QK933/ S494.5S600/SD217SD425/SH1SH331/TA165TA1637/TC405TC801/TD177/TK5102.9TK7876/TL796TL3035/TR661TR810
  • Rock mechanics LG173/ QC318/ QE33QE606/ TA153TA805/ TC176/ TD898/ TN153TN900
  • Sanitary engineering QD31.2/ TD145/ TD193/ TD345/ TD745/ TD920/ TH6031/ TH6122
  • Soil mechanicsGB384GB1197.7/ HE192.5/ LG173/ QE598.2/ S591S593/ TA710TA815/ TC176/ TD428TD795.7/ TH153/ TJ1482/ TL243
  • Standards, Engineering LB3221/ RA967/ TA368/ TH420TH4815.5/ TX368
  • Structural engineering TA1TA815/ TG260TG265/ TH19TH4812/ TJ1482/ TL699
  • Surveying GA105GA108.7/ HD1251/ S675/ SB472/ SF41/ T50/ TA501TA625/ TE209/ TH375
  • Systems engineering QA9QA402.3/ T56T58.6/ TA147TA710/ TC405/ TH845TH6010/ TJ163.12TJ260/ TK7870TK7885.7/ TL875/ TP155.75TP248.3
  • Traffic engineering – HE311HE369/ NA9031NA9053/ TA1230/ TE113TE251/ TG265
  • Transportation engineering HE151HE333 / TA153/ TA1205TA1230 / TE183
  • Tunneling TA705TA815
  • Tunneling (Physics) QC174.1QC176.8/ QD501
  • Water resources development GB622GB1003.2/ HD111HD9000.5/ HN15/ K3496/ QH541.15/ S613/ SH1/ TA710/ TC145TC805/ TD220.2TD657/ WA675
  • Water resources engineering TC405
  • Watersupply engineering GB661GB843/ QC981.45/ SH157.85/ TC163TC405/ TD145TD920/TH6521/TJ900/TL405/WA690
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Reference Work

The Reference Collection on the First Floor contains a number of different works from quick references, dictionaries, encyclopedia, atlas, thesaurus and etc.There are also ranges of electronic reference resources which is available on the Internet

  • Amalan dan pendidikan ukur tanah :  bibliografi - TA535 A482 1990
  • A sanitation field manual - TD920 K14
  • A to Z GIS : an illustrated dictionary of geographic information systems- G70.212 A111 2006
  • AASHTO guidelines for traffic data programs -HE371 A3A111
  • Abstract journals on irrigation, drainage and water resources engineering: a selected bibliography - S613 A33
  • An annotated bibliography of remote sensing for highway planning and natural resources - TE153 C582
  • An annotated bibliography on vibratory soil dynamics (1969-1979) -TA710  H498
  • Bibliografi ukur dan pengurusan harta benda -TA562 B582
  • Building written -TA634 W687
  • Component Technology and Standardization -TK151 G46
  • Communicating project management :  the integrated vocabulary of project management and systems engineering -T56.8 M825
  • Construction glossary :  an encyclopedic reference and manual - TH9 S819 1993
  • CRC handbook of environmental control:  cumulative series index for volumes I-V  -TD145 C22C17
  • CRC materials science and engineering handbook  -TA403 C911 1994
  • CRC materials science and engineering handbook - TA403 C911 2001
  • Dictionary of environmental science and technology - TD169.3 P843
  • Dictionary of soil mechanics and foundation engineering - TA710 B255
  • Elsevier's dictionary of soil mechanics:  in four languages:  English/American, French, Dutch and German - TA710  E45
  • Elsevier's dictionary of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering :  in five languages, English, French, Spanish, Dutch and German  -TA710 A15T915
  • Encyclopedia of environmental science and engineering -TD9  E5 1992
  • Encyclopedia of environmental science and engineering -TD9  E5 2006
  • Encyclopedia of environmental science and engineering -TD9  E5 2012
  • Encyclopedia of environmental studies - TD9 A831 2001
  • Encyclopedia of fluid mechanics -TA357 E56
  • Encyclopedia of hydraulics, soil and foundation engineering -TC9 V6
  • Encyclopedia of remote sensing and GIS applications in applied earth and geosciences  -G70.4 E56
  • Encyclopedia of engineering signs and symbols -TA11 E5
  • Engineering agricultural water resources -LG173 S45S981 no.128
  • Environmental information sources:  engineering and industrial applications: a selected bibliography -TD169.5  S35
  • Environmental literature :  a bibliography -Z5862.B46 1973
  • Environmental modeling with GIS  -TD153 E61
  • Environmental periodicals bibliography:  indexed article titles  -TD1 E59
  • Environmental planning :  a guide to information sources -TD145 M578
  • Environmental technology resources handbook -TD169.5 G686
  • Eurocode 2 : design of concrete structures. Part 1-2: General rules : structural fire design - TA368 G72 1992-1-2 2004
  • Eurocode 3 : design of steel structures. Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings -TA368 G73 1993-1-1 2005
  • Eurocode 3 : design of steel structures. Part 1-12: Additional rules for the extension of EN 1993 up to steel grades S 700 -TA368 G73 1993-1-12 2007
  • Eurocode 3 : design of steel structures. Part 1-5: Plated structural elements-  TA368 G73 1993-1-5 2006
  • Eurocode 3 : design of steel structures. Part 3-2: Towers, masts and chimneys : chimneys-  TA368 G73 1993-3-2 2006
  • Eurocode 4 : design of composite steel and concrete structures. Part 2: General rules and rules for bridges - TA368 G74 1994-2 2005
  • Eurocode 4 : design of composite steel and concrete structures. Part 1-2: General rules : structural fire design -  TA368 G74 1994-1-2 2005
  • Eurocode 7 : geotechnical design. Part 1: General rules -TA368 G77 1997-1 2004
  • Eurocode 7 : geotechnical design. Part 2: Ground investigation and testing -TA368 G77 1997-2 2007
  • Eurocode 8 : design of structures for earthquake resistance. Part 5: Foundations, retaining structures and geotechnical aspects - TA368 G78 1998-5 2004
  • Eurocode 9 : design of aluminium structures. Part 1-1: General structural rules-  TA368 G79 1999-1-1 2007
  • Eurocode 9 : design of aluminium structures. Part 1-2: Structural fire design -  TA368 G79 1999-1-2 2007
  • Eurocode 9 : design of aluminium structures. Part 1-4: Cold-formed structural sheeting -TA368 G79 1999-1-4 2007
  • Execution of special geotechnical work : displacement piles- TA368 G7 12699 2001
  • Execution of special geotechnical work : grouting- TA368 G7 12715 2000
  • Execution of special geotechnical work : sheet pile walls- TA368 G7 12063 1999
  • Execution of special geotechnical works : bored piles -TA368 G7 1536 2010
  • Execution of special geotechnical works : deep mixing- TA368 G7 14679 2005
  • Execution of special geotechnical works : diaphragm walls -TA368 G7 1538 2010
  • Execution of special geotechnical works : ground anchors -TA368 G7 1537 2000
  • Execution of special geotechnical works : ground treatment by deep vibration-TA368 G7 14731 2005
  • Execution of special geotechnical works : jet grouting- TA368 G7 12716 2001
  • Execution of special geotechnical works : micropiles - TA368 G7 14199 2005
  • Execution of special geotechnical works : reinforced fill- TA368 G7 14475 2006
  • Execution of special geotechnical works : vertical drainage- TA368 G7 15237 2007
  • Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures. Part 1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components -TA368 G7 1090-1 2009
  • Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures. Part 2: Technical requirements for steel structures- TA368 G7 1090-2 2008
  • Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures. Part 3: Technical requirements for aluminium structures - TA368 G7 1090-3 2008
  • Foundation engineering handbook : design and construction with the 2006 international building code -TA775 D274
  • Foundation engineering handbook : design and construction with the 2009 international building code - TA775 D274 2010
  • Glossary of the mapping sciences - TA505 G563
  • Geotechnical earthquake engineering handbook :  with the 2012 International building code -TA654.6 D274 2012
  • Ground engineer's reference book -TA705 G882
  • Handbook of engineering hydrology : Environmental hydrology and water management- GB662.5 H236
  • Handbook of geothermal energy -TJ280.7 H236
  • Handbook of structural engineering -TA633 H236 2005
  • Handbook of tropical residual soils engineering -TA709.5 H236
  • Ground engineer's reference book -TA705 G882
  • Guidelines for presentation of engineering drawings- TE113 M32A659 no.6/85
  • Handbook of coastal engineering -TC205 H236
  • Handbook of environmental fluid dynamics -QC809 F5H236
  • Handbook of materials characterization : technology, processes, designs and applications -TA403 H236
  • Handbook of road technology -TE145 L246 1990
  • Highway design and traffic safety engineering handbook- TE175 L213
  • Highway engineering handbook : building and rehabilitating the infrastructure -TE151 H638 2003
  • Highway engineering handbook : building and rehabilitating the infrastructure-TE151 H638 2009
  • Highway engineering handbook -TE145 W65
  • Highway materials : a guide book for beginners -TE200 R236
  • Hydro-abstracts- TD201 H9
  • International handbook of earthquake and engineering seismology -QE537.3 I61 (095002358)
  • Integrated solid waste management : engineering principles and management issues TD791 T252
  • Istilah ukor -TA505.I73
  • Kamus kejuruteraan bangunan -TH9 M216
  • Malaysian construction industry directory :  the nation's builders, contractors, construction materials, plants and equipment - HD9715 M3M239
  • Malaysian remote sensing inventory - G70.5 M3M239
  • Manual of Department of Irrigation and Drainage : hydrology -S494.5 W3M294 1988
  • Manual of standard practice for detailing reinforced concrete structures (ACI 315-74)- TA683.28 M294 1974
  • Manual of transportation engineering studies- HE333 M294
  • Master Builders Association Members Directory = Persatuan Pemborong-Pemborong Binaan Malaysia- TH12 M423
  • McGraw-Hill dictionary of materials science - TA402 M147
  • Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits -TA368 B8 no.1042 sect.2.1 1983
  • Remote sensing yearbook 1988/89  -G70.4 R389 1988
  • Scottish building standards in brief - TA368 T823
  • Soil mechanics and foundation engineering -TJ1482 R173 1990
  • Soil technicians' handbook -TA710.5 H432
  • Soils and foundations workshop manual -TA775 S683
  • Spon's civil engineering and highway works price book 2008 -TA183 S763 2008
  • Structural engineering & applied mechanics data handbook -TA633 H873 vol.2
  • Systems & control encyclopedia : supplementary volume- QA402 S995
  • The CRC materials science and engineering handbook -TA403 C911
  • The dictionary of environmental science and engineering -GE10 P523 2008
  • The encyclopedia of environmental studies -TD9 A831
  • The Facts On File dictionary of environmental science -TD9 S847
  • The foundation engineering handbook- TA775 F771
  • The water encyclopedia: hydrologic data and Internet resources - TC403 W324 2007
  • The world remote sensing bibliographic index: a comprehensive geographic index bibliography to remote sensing site investigations of natural and agricultural resources throughout the world - HC55 K78
  • The Yaws handbook of properties for environmental and green engineering :  adsorption capacity, water solubility, Henry's law constant, octanol-water partition coefficient, bioconcentration factor, soil sorption coefficient, threshold limit value, and permissible exposure limit for environmental and green engineering. Coverage for more than 4000 hydrocarbons and chemicals - TP200 Y35
  • Trip generation manual -HE333 M3T835
  • Water resources abstracts  - TD201 W343
  • World environmental directory -TD12.W65 1977





































































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  • IEEE Xplore
  • Proquest Central
  • Science Direct
  • SpringerLink
  • Wiley Online Library
  • Cambridge University Press – Cambridge Journals Online
  • Emerald Publishing
  • Emerald Management Xtra Plus
  • SIAM Journal Online
  • IOP Science
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

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Printed Journals
  • ACI Structural Journal  TA680 A181
  • Buletin GIS GA110 B933
  • Canadian Geotechnical Journal TA710 C212
  • Civil Engineering Research Newsletter TA160.6 G7C582
  • Civil Engineering TA1 C582
  • Computers & Structures TA641 C738
  • Construction Weekly TA1 C453
  • Construction, Repairs & Maintenance TA630 C758 Vol.2, No.2, 46
  • CRC Critical Reviews In Environmental Control TD172 C45
  • Critical Reviews In Environmental Control TD172 C45
  • Critical reviews in Environmental Science And Technology  TD172 C45
  • Ecological Engineering  TD1 E19
  • EM : Air & Waste Management Association's Magazine for Environmental Managers TA170 E62
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 : Handbook of Transition with CDROM  TA170 H149
  • Environmental Manager : EM TA170 E61
  • Environmental Science And Technology TD180 E5
  • Environmental Technology TD172 E61
  • Environmental Technology Letters TD172 E61
  • Geotechnique TA710 A1G352
  • Hydraulic Engineering GB651 H995
  • ITE Journal HE331 I59
  • Journal of Advanced Materials TL950 S28
  • Journal of Computing In Civil Engineering  TA1 J88
  • Journal of Engineering Mechanics  TA1 J87
  • Journal of Environmental Engineering TD1 A3
  • Journal of Environmental Quality S1 J78
  • Journal of Environmental Science And Health. Part A. Environmental science and engineering TD1 J665
  • Journal of Geotechnical and Geo Environmental Engineering TA705 J86
  • Journal of Geotechnical Engineering TA705 J86
  • Journal of Hydraulic Engineering TC1 A45
  • Journal of the Structural Division Continued by Journal of Structural Engineering TA1 J86
  • Journal of the Environmental Engineering Division TD1 A3
  • Journal of the Hydraulics Division TC1 A45
  • Journal of the Irrigation and Drainage Division TC801 A45
  • Journal of the Sanitary Engineering Division TD1 A3
  • Journal of the Structural Division /Journal Of Structural Engineering TA1 J86
  • Journal of Water Resources Planning And Management TC401 A552
  • Jurnal Kejuruteraan Awam TA4 J86
  • Jurnal Mekanikal TJ1 B933
  • Jurnal Ukur Bahan TA501 J96
  • Land & Water International HD101 L253
  • Malaysian Building & Construction HD9715 M3M34
  • Malaysian Journal of Remote Sensing and GIS QE33.2 R4M239
  • Mapping Awareness G70.2 M297
  • Master Plan For Occupational Safety And Health In Construction Industry HD9715 M394
  • Network monitor TH1 N476
  • Physics of fluids QC138 P451
  • SAE TL1 S127
  • Siaran Khas (1) Sabah dan Sarawak : untuk KerjaKerja Kejuruteraan Awam = Special Release (1) Sabah and Sarawak : for Civil Engineering Works TA401 S5633
  • Structural survey TA630 S927
  • Survey review TA501 S963
  • Surveying and Land Information Systems : Journal of American Congress on Surveying and Mapping TA501 S9
  • Surveying and Mapping TA501 S9
  • The International Journal of Engineering Education TA1 I61
  • The International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education TJ1 I585
  • The International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow TJ260 I58
  • The Malaysian surveyor TA501 S82
  • The Structural Engineer : Journal of The Institution of Structural Engineers TA630 S927
  • The Surveyor TA501 S82
  • Traffic Engineering & Control HE331 T764


This is a list of the notable Civil Engineering organizations includes intergovernmental, governmental or non governmental.

Malaysia International




This list provides a sampling of the rapidly proliferating number of Civil Engineering resources available on the Internet. However, this page will remain on the Web as a courtesy to those people who still use it.



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